Along the Bourbon Trail – A Trip to Heaven Hill Distillery in Bardstown, KY

I currently bought the e-book “one thousand Places to See Before You Die” through Patricia Schultz to use as one in all the road maps of my destiny. I plan to attempt to paintings my way through the e-book and notice and do as a great deal as I can earlier than the terrific dirt nap.

I decided to start my quest with one of the entries green bottle closest to my domestic in Louisville, “The Bourbon Trail” (Page 631 – The entries are not numbered.)

I were given up fairly early Friday morning to make the 45 mile drive down to Bardstown. Early sufficient that the road turned into busy with humans heading to paintings. It passed off to me that while they had been heading toward misery, I was heading to drink bourbon. Life is all of sudden accurate.

Pulling into Bardstown it hit me that I simply did not know where to move. So I stopped on the metropolis rectangular and located a map of the distilleries round Bardstown. Reading the map I discovered that there are greater than 50 in Nelson County. I simply looked for the nearest distillery, which proved to be Heaven Hill, and headed over.

The first component I noticed at Heaven Hill made me giggle. On the door was a sticky label announcing that Heaven Hill was featured in “one thousand Places to See Before You Die.” What a exquisite manner to begin my quest!

I arrived at Heaven Hill at sector to 10 and discovered that a excursion might start at ten. I signed up and seemed across the show off room till time.

The first event on the tour turned into a thirteen minute film proposing the history of bourbon and Heaven Hill and the operation of the distillery today. We then headed across the street to one of the garage buildings and walked among the barrels.

We were not allowed to make any pix for fear of the cameras sparking and starting another fireplace. They are understandably afraid of fire having had one of the worst fires inside the records of the enterprise on November 7, 1996. The manufacturing plant become nearly absolutely destroyed and numerous of the employer’s warehouses had been absolutely destroyed. Over ninety,000 gallons of alcohol were misplaced. I recall watching the fireplace on TV at the time. The most brilliant memory I actually have is of watching the flaming whisky pour down a hill and ignite but some other warehouse.

There are about 20 of those massive warehouses, they’re all 7 stories high and stacked end to stop, side to aspect and pinnacle to backside with barrels of whisky.

They failed to take us to the manufacturing place however informed us all about generating whisky as we walked the cute grounds.

We ended the tour with a bourbon tasting in a room fashioned like a barrel. We tried two bourbons, a ten year old Evan Williams and an 18 year antique Elijah Craig. Now I’m no longer a large drinker of bourbon but you may certainly inform at distinction between the 2. The older bourbon turned into lots smoother and simpler on the throat.

After leaving Heaven Hill I walked across the downtown streets of Bardstown and grabbed a chew to eat on the Old Talbott Tavern earlier than heading returned to the actual world.

I can effortlessly mark this access finished however I want to go lower back and excursion some different distilleries and perhaps take a friend or two. Probably will.