How to Download Games on a Dial Up Internet Connection

There are a couple of different factors to think about when your internet is slow. First you want to ask yourself if it has always been slow like it is now, if it has then most likely it is the company you are purchasing your internet from that. In my opinion Cox has the best internet service around. The first thing to do when dealing with slow internet is to switch to Cox internet! If it just recently idm kuyhaa slowed down, your computer might be infected with a virus which is causing your internet to be slow. If this is the issue then you want to do a full scan on your computer with your virus scan. Make sure to remove the virus! Next you want to ask yourself if your wireless network is “locked” or if any new neighbors have moved it. Some people that can’t pay for internet simply connect to already existing connection in their area, in turn saving themselves money. BUT slowing down the persons internet they are connected to. If this is the issue you want to add a password to your network so no one but you connects to it!

If only your download speed is slow (the speed you download files off the internet at) then you can use a couple of these solutions to increase the download speed. The first thing I would do is download an internet manager which increases download speed. The best tool for this is Internet Download Manager. I have increased download speed by up to 60% on mine and friends computers. I would also try a different browser to see if your browser is your causing your internet to be slow, I personally stick to Mozilla Firefox about 90% of the time of I have heard rumors of Google Chrome increasing internet speed by a significant amount. One thing which is known to slow down internet speed for some people is ads on websites. That’s why another great tip I can give you if you are using Mozilla Firefox, is to download Grease Monkey and Ad-Block.

Another awesome tip to increase internet speed is a program called CCleaner. What this does is basically deletes all of the useless internet files from your browser, which can actually hurt your internet speed. The fact is these files build up EXTREMELY fast so they need to be wiped at least once a week.