How to measure your table?

WoW Imprints is a manufacturer of custom made tablecloths with full color printing. A logo tablecloth is an essential part of your brand marketing strategy for your business. By being professional, your brand identity is recognized. Personalize custom table covers with your company logo, names, slogans, and custom colors and display them at promotional events to get noticed and remembered.

With our custom printed tablecloths custom logo tablecloth,, you get the highest quality printing. We do dye sublimation where your artwork, design, logo, and color are infused into the fabric, which lasts a long time, looks brand new and doesn’t fade even after several washes. In addition, we can print on the entire tablecloth, edge to edge, with multiple logos.

Our logo tablecloths are made of the highest quality, durable, premium polyester fabric. Available in wrinkle free, stain resistant, flame retardant, water proof, oil proof, and uv proof fabric options for 4’, 5’, 6’ and 8’ and custom sized tables. 

The first thing you need to know when you need a custom tablecloth is the size of your table. Measure your table’s width, length, and height. If your table is 48″ length, it’s a 4 ft table, if 60″ length, it’s a 5 ft table, if 72″ length, it’s a 6 ft table, and if 96″ length, it’s an 8 ft table. For other sizes, it’s a custom table.

Our Custom Printed Logo Tablecloth is available in variety of styles.

  • Custom Stretch Table Covers with Logo
  • Custom Fitted Tablecloth with Logo
  • Custom Table Throw with Logo

All company logo tablecloth, custom tablecloth styles are available in 3 sided and 4 sided options. Our 4 sided printed table covers will have a floor length drop on all sides, whereas our 3 sided will have a floor length drop only on the front and 2 sides with an open back, which allows you to easily access things under the table.

Our 4′ Logo Tablecloth is available in the below sizes.

29″ Height – 18x48x29 | 24x48x29 | 30x48x29 | 36x48x29.
36″ Height – 18x48x36 | 24x48x36 | 30x48x36 | 36x48x36.
42″ Height – 18x48x42 | 24x48x42 | 30x48x42 | 36x48x42.

Our 5′ Logo Tablecloth is available in the below sizes.

29″ Height – 18x60x29 | 24x60x29 | 30x60x29 | 36x60x29.
36″ Height – 18x60x36 | 24x60x36 | 30x60x36 | 36x60x36.
42″ Height – 18x60x42 | 24x60x42 | 30x60x42 | 36x60x42. 

Our 6′ Logo Tablecloth is available in the below sizes.

29″ Height – 18x72x29 | 24x72x29 | 30x72x29 | 36x72x29.
36″ Height – 18x72x36 | 24x72x36 | 30x72x36 | 36x72x36.
42″ Height – 18x72x42 | 24x72x42 | 30x72x42 | 36x72x42. 

Our 8′ Logo Tablecloth is available in the below sizes.

29″ Height – 18x96x29 | 24x96x29 | 30x96x29 | 36x96x29.
36″ Height – 18x96x36 | 24x96x36 | 30x96x36 | 36x96x36.
42″ Height – 18x96x42 | 24x96x42 | 30x96x42 | 36x96x42.

In addition, we can make any custom size you need, any width, any length, and any height. At WoW Imprints, we accommodate your custom tablecloth requests and can make them the way you need it.

How to order Custom Table Covers with Logo – Simple Step by Step Process: 

  • Step 1: Choose your Table Size. 
  • Step 2: Choose Custom Tablecloth Size. 
  • Step 3: Choose Custom Table Covers Style. 
  • Step 4: Choose Custom Tablecloth Options. 
  • Step 5: Choose Custom Table Cloth Fabric. 
  • Step 6: Enter Custom Table Covers Color you need. 
  • Step 7: Upload your Vector Artwork 
  • Step 8: Choose where you want your logo to be printed on your customised table cloth.

How it Works?

What happens when you order logo tablecloth with WoW Imprints? Please find below step by step process.

  1. Complete your order online.
  2. Artwork Proof is sent to you for approval. You can request changes or approve.
  3. Once the Artwork Proof is approved, your order is processed.
  4. Your order will be ready to ship in 1-5 business days.
  5. Your order will be delivered within 5-14 business days.

Custom tablecloths printed with your company logo are highly recommended for your business branding at promotional events (trade show booth display, custom stretch table covers,small business expos, exhibitions, schools, conferences, corporate meetings, seminars, product launches and farmers markets). Customize your company logo tablecloth today at WoW Imprints.