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Harbhajan slaps Symonds – could this be a headline we could be reading during IPL 4?

Why should it happen this year, if it did not happen in the last three editions of the tournament? It does not require a Sherlock Holmes to deduce that an essential mobilecric app for iphone ingredient for ‘IPL Slapgate 2’ is present this year that wasn’t there in previous IPL editions: Harbhajan and Symonds are teammates in the Mumbai Indians team!

IPL fans will recall that ‘IPL Slapgate 1′ happened during IPL 1, when Harbhajan practised his slapping skills on Sreesanth, and went on to set a world record for the most expensive slap in history, not just cricket history (perhaps, we will see some bidders for that category in future IPL auctions).  To be more precise, the slap cost Harbhajan a total of $550,000 in match fees and fines.  On that occasion, Harbhajan was fortunate, in that television cameras did not catch the actual slap but only panned on Sreesanth’s tear-strewn face after the main action was over. But this time around, TV cameramen are likely to be alert to the possibility, and with luck, IPL fans may even get to see slow action replays.

If such a slap does take place, let’s visualize all the possible circumstances that could lead to it:

(1) Symonds  drops a catch off Harbhajan’s bowling.

(2) Harbhajan drops a catch off Symonds’ bowling.

(3) Symonds runs out Harbhajan.

(4) Harbhajan runs out Symonds.