Power Washing Roofs Like A Professional

There’s been a lot of interest in washing roofs recently with a large number of queries about which products to use to wash roofs and ways to get rid of the black streaks and staining (mold algae also referred to as ‘gloeocapsa Magma’). Washing roofs in order to remove the stains can significantly alter the appearance of any home. Prior to this, the sole method to remove them was to repair the roof. It has been reported that up to 50% of roof replacements were made due to the appearance of the roof’s stains, and not due to the functionality of the roof.

The roofing stains are difficult to eliminate without the appropriate roof cleaning products. Caustics are cheap and efficient in killing mold. Bleach is commonly used in the washing of roofs, however occasionally, it can have disastrous effects. GAF roofing claims that using bleach for roof washing immediately cancels the warranty of asphalt roofing as bleach breaks down the composition of the roofing shingles. We’ve heard of builders using bleach concentrations of 12 however, many experts believe that this type of roof washing may cause roof damage within a short amount of time Roof Washing Albany Ny.

If we are power-washing roofs for our customers We follow the following procedure first, with an X-Jet we spray the roof in order to cool it down. After that we use QwicClean’s Roof cleaner on the shingles, starting from the ground with an X-Jet. The roof cleaner is allowed to work for approximately 15 minutes before beginning the process of power washing. (Note that Roof Brite costs as low at 70 cents per gallon that’s less that bleach!)

Moving gently over the roof as we wash the roof, we scrub it by applying very low pressure – approximately 300 PSI. We make sure to prevent removing gravel off the roof’s surface when cleaning roofs. When we encounter an extremely hard stain then we employ a soft scrub brush that has 5′ handles and gently scrub the area. Then, we wash the roof surface thoroughly. Rinsing can be performed by removing the roof using your X-Jet .

Cleaning up roofs on steep slopes requires special equipment to avoid accidents. For one thing, a good roof cleaning service can make any surface slippery. A chicken ladder and an elongated harness is one method of making it safer to maneuver around while cleaning roofs.

Make sure you pay attention to the rooftop’s street-facing side The homeowners are searching for “curb appeal”, so you should spend your time there where it is the most important.

After the roof washing has been completed There are two additional options that we could provide our customers. For a small charge, we’ll treat their roofs with Bio Barrier which is a unique formulation by QwicClean that stops new algae spores from adhering to the clean roof. The spores instead are moved onto the neighbor’s roof which they then grow on, turning black and cause future roofing cleaning tasks.