The Christ, Ratu Adil & Satria Piningit–Revealed?! Part 1

cMinistries | St James Wooster

Furthermore, Jesus not only knew the Great Law of karma, he taught it. It was his interpretation of the Law of Compensation and Adjustment as that of sowing and reaping that is still with us today. He believed in the commandments of not killing, committing adultery, fornicating, stealing or hurting others. Here was a grand Soul who preached that the meek shall inherit the earth. Here was a Son of God who taught that one cannot serve two masters – God and mammon. Here was a Divine Being whose life was about Light, not darkness; life, not death; who taught that God is a Spirit and that the desires of the flesh were of the devil, the negative power. How in His Kingdom, therefore, could such a Son of God slay animals, eat their flesh and support the very force which he spent his entire life and lifeblood opposing? To reiterate, then, the germane question is not whether Jesus the Christ, Son of God, was a vegetarian. It is, most emphatically, “How could he not have been?”

Now for those who question, who doubt the plausibility of this argument, there is a test. It is simple. It is not philosophic. It is experiential. It is this — become a vegetarian. Walk the path. Live the life. Experience the changes in consciousness. Observe the spiritual growth. Feel the body’s vibratory the mystical teachings of jesus state become finer and calmer. Do it. And do it for years — five, ten, fifteen, twenty years. Do it for a lifetime. Walk in the shoes of those who refuse to kill, slay and slaughter animals for the meat that is their flesh, who refuse to eat that meat, who refuse to associate with such negativity. Don’t judge it, criticize it, condemn it. Don’t talk it. Walk it! Then, when the experiment is over, try to return to an omnivorous diet. It will be like bathing in a dung heap. Not only will eating meat be repugnant, it will be impossible. It is ignorant and foolish to deny the experiences and revelations of those who have climbed the mountain when we have never climbed it and, in fact, are still immersed in the Valley of the Shadow of Death below. Knowledge gained as a result of personal experience is, unquestionably, superior to that acquired from books, papers, documents or word of mouth. Experience always has been and will always be the very best teacher

Make the commitment. Climb the mountain. Live the life. Learn the truth and don’t just talk it. Walk it! And when that is all said and done, if there is still a need, ask the question to the image in the mirror, “Was Christ a vegetarian?” The answer will surely be, “How could Jesus the Christ –Son of God, Giver of Life and teacher of the great Law of Karma, of sowing and reaping, not have been a vegetarian?”