What Are High Security Door Locks

The word “high security isn’t a precise term. Certain manufacturers profit from this fact and use the term to market their locks. Door locks that qualify as high security locks must be equipped with features that provide more than just the normal protection against impressioning, picking drilling or wrenching and other burglary methods that are commonly used. The safest locks must be able to provide a superior level of control over keys. The more difficult it is for a burglar or other unauthorized person obtain a duplicate key to gain access, the more security the lock offers cabinet lock manufacturers.

Underwriters Laboratories Listing

It is always recommended to buy the highest quality door locks that include the UL (Underwriters LaboratoriesInc.) logo on the packaging or the outside of the cylinder. The UL list (based upon UL standards 437) is a great indicator that the lock for your door or cylinder has an excellent level of security.

To get the UL listing the lock or cylinder has to meet strict standards for construction, and a model sample must pass stringent test of performance and attack. Here are a few of the specifications

The working components of the mechanism should be made from stainless steel, brass, bronze or other corrosion-resistant material or have a finish conforming to UL’s Salt spray Test for Corrosion.

Make at least 1000 important modifications.

The system will function as it was intended for 10,000 total cycles of operation, at a speed not over 50 times per hour.

The lock should not be opened or be damaged because of attacks with screws, hammers, chisels jaw-gripping wrenches, pliers, electric hand drills and puller mechanisms, such as saws Key impression tools and pick tools.

Key Control

Another key aspect in security for locks is control of keys. The most secure locks come with keys that are patented and can only be purchased from the manufacturer of the lock. Next in key control, there are key blanks that are cut on specific key machines. This kind of control significantly minimizes the amount of locations where an unauthorised person could have their key duplicated. The locks that are least secure use keys that are duplicated in virtually every department or hardware retailer.

Lock and Key Patents

One advantage of home security lock that is of high security is that they provide an extremely high level of control over the keys. It is that, there is the restriction on who can create copies of the keys. These locks are utilized in cases where you don’t want anyone to be able to your local hardware store and create copies. One method to limit copies is to have an exclusive lock or a blank. This allows the manufacturer of a lock to determine who can copy its keys.