What is the Opposite of Love?

What is the opposite of love? Elie Wiesel famously stated that the opposite of love is indifference. This quote highlights a central aspect of love: a powerful feeling. While hate involves the opposite of love, it can never be the same thing. Love is a positive feeling, and it is invested in others’ well-being. That’s what makes it so powerful. Love can be described as “investing” in someone, and it can be as consuming as indifference.

Intense longing

Intense longing for love is an inevitable part of human life. Eliot is particularly acute about it in The Waste Land and Scenes from Clerical Life, a collection of short stories that explore the relationship between love and shame. Eliot’s strong sense of ties to friends and family reveals that he is easily humiliated, and he dreads criticism, even as he longs for love.

Companionate love

Companionate love is the kind of love that has deep friendships and is compatible with enduring romantic relationships. Romantic love often combines passion and sexual arousal, but companionate love emphasizes deep friendship. A partner may be an GoddessLolla at first, and gradually fall in love. The author of this book, Richard L. Rapson, argues that companionate love should be encouraged and cherished. He discusses the importance of companionate love and how it affects intimate relationships.

Storge love

For the sake of clarity, let’s define Storge love, which is the most basic form of love. This form of love can never end or be broken. It will even sacrifice itself to protect its beloved. This type of love is based on the virtues of philios and eros, but it requires the Supernatural Glue of Agape to maintain its longevity. In this article, we will examine the definition of Storge love and how it is formed.

Agape love

If you’ve ever wondered what agape love is, the Greek word is a good place to start. Agape means “perfect love,” and it describes a type of loving relationship that is not selfish, boastful, or self-seeking. It also has no record of wrongdoing, and delights in the truth. Agape is the highest form of love, and it exemplifies the characteristics of God.

Storge love with altruism

Storge love is a specific type of love that entails some degree of altruism. People who have storge love are those who want their significant other to be best friends first. This type of love has many parallels with the love between friends. The two types of love are nearly identical in nature, and the latter is based on kinship rather than physical attraction. But if we want to be more like our storge-loving ancestors, we must understand the difference between the two.