What’s Not to Love About Tankini Bathing Suits for Women?

Aloha! It is that time of year again – Spring Break is just around the corner! Before you head out to the beach or your local swimming hole this year, why not consider adding tankini swimming suits to your collection?

A tankini is a type of swimsuit that combines a bikini bottom with a tank top. With this style, women can have the modesty of a one-piece with the flexibility of a two-piece. Those trips to the Ladies Room are much more convenient!

Designer Anne Cole introduced Tankini swimming suits in the 1990’s and boy did it take off like a rocket! Today there are so many variations, including tankinis for those women who have had mastectomies. Really, though, all women can appreciate this style as it provides extra support in the torso area along with a modest cut in the torso and stomach areas.

You don’t have washboard abs? No worries, ladies! Tankini bathing suits for women provide flattering coverage of the abs area, while sporting a sassy look.

There are even styles for pregnant women. These suits have a split in the front, showing the navel. Talk about comfortable! Tankini tops can fashion  range in length from reaching down to a point just above the navel to the top of the hips. Women have a variety of choices to enable them to find the style with which they are most comfortable.

Some manufacturers of mastectomy bathing suits are also offering the tankini-style. These tankini swimming suits cut higher under the arms and torso area, which can cover scaring. The variety of bottoms available in these separates can accentuate the lower body and can distract from areas a woman is not too keen on.

You know what is really fun? Mix and match these tankini tops and bottoms to create different combinations. This really great when planning for a beach vacation! You do not have to go out and buy five different suits for a 10-day vacation. Purchase two or three separate bottoms and tops – then mix and match colors and prints for a variety of looks.

You choose a tankini with a skirt style bottom, bikini style bottom, sport shorts style bottom, just throw on a sarong or other style cover up (or even a pair of short) and you can easily transition from the beach to the mall… in little time at all!