Why you must have a funeral?

Funerals can be as sombre or as lavish as the mourners wish them to be, from a simple memorial service to a lavish celebration of the deceased’s life complete with libations and fine cuisine. Shalom Funerals, which is good at catholic funeral services, can help you with the type of funeral you decide for your loved one.

In this article, we explain why funerals are necessary in any case.

Affirmation of Values

When someone dies, it leaves a void in our hearts and in the world. It has the same effect as an earthquake, shattering the familiar world around us. Celebrations of life are a time to promote values such as significance, love, solidarity, generosity, and even humour. They give us a place to unite in the recognition that our lives have been altered, but will go on nonetheless. When a member of the family passes away, it can be difficult to maintain the cohesiveness of the family unit as a whole.

Acceptance of Death and Life in Public

Our preference is for secrecy. That’s for a good cause, too. It may get ugly when we air our personal beliefs, political stances, and sports allegiances in the open. On the other hand, if we all share a home, we’ll all share a grave. And funerals allow the community to unite in mourning.

When one person bears their burden alone, their suffering is multiplied.

The more we are able to communicate our anguish to others, the more we are willing to let others make contact with us, the more we are willing to let ourselves be transparent and receive assistance and love, the more effectively we will be able to get through our loss.


Even the most spiritually and emotionally resilient people can feel very vulnerable when confronted with the formidable barriers of grief. You will falter and tumble regardless of how strong you are. Unless you follow the well-worn ceremonial pathways, grief has its own rituals that get ingrained in one’s muscle memory. Rituals give us the strength to carry on when it appears, we shouldn’t, like a concert pianist who makes seemingly impossible pieces look effortless.


In a psychological sense, we are better able to confront and accept death when we participate in a funeral or other form of disposition . Without proper rituals to honour their passing, the dead might become a burden on the living. Funerals mark the passage from life to death for the departed and aid in the process of coming to terms with the loss of a cherished one.